Total Care

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Total Care from $75/mo

No Surprises

A commitment to excellence, approached with foresight, careful planning and vigilance. Every possible measure is taken to ensure non-stop business operations, including redundancy for critical components, fully managed security systems and routine testing and verification of disaster recovery solutions.

What it means:

You just want a fixed IT budget and no surprises, all the way through your IT products’ lifecycles. From selection and provisioning, through management and maintenance, all the way to reacquisition, migration and disposal. Full support for systems, applications and users. No excuses, no hassles!

Think about it.  If you're paying us a flat rate, it is definitely in both of our best interests to make sure you *never* need anything we haven't planned and prepared for.  Right?


PC - $75.00 ea (unlimited services)

SERVER - $200.00 ea (unlimited services)



All systems on the network must be included; Business continuity products and services priced separately


A minimum standard must be met for systems to qualify for Total Care services.


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