Small Business IT

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Small Business IT from $18.75/mo

A Commitment to Stability and Savings

Who it’s for:

You’re tired of waiting for things to break and ready to make a commitment to more productivity with your IT infrastructure. With this commitment, you also expect a higher level of service and some volume discounts.

Benefits and Savings:

What it means:

Things wear out or break, people make mistakes or have questions, upgrades or improvements become necessary. ViT will keep an eye on things for you and you’ll already have money in the budget for dealing with the inevitable issues when they arise. Plus, you’ll save money!


PC - $18.75 (15 minutes of services + 5 minutes FREE monitoring)

SERVER - $37.50 (20 minutes of services + 15 minutes FREE monitoring)


Annual commitment; Minimum 3 systems; All systems on network must be included.


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