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Comprehensive Pre-Paid       from $37.50/mo

A Smart Move for Serious Businesses

Who it’s for:

You are dedicated to reliably serving your customers and to do so, you have made a significant investment in your IT systems. You require steady productivity from your employees to meet your goals. You expect an equally serious commitment from your IT services provider.

Benefits and Savings:

What it means:

Your business is dynamic and can utilize new technologies to increase sales and productivity, and reduce expenses. ViT will help keep your ongoing technology investments highly functional and transparent, so you and your staff can focus on taking care of business and your customers. You’ll have a significant portion of your IT service requirements already budgeted and save even more money!


PC - $37.50 (30 minutes of services + 5 minutes FREE monitoring)

SERVER - $75.00 (60 minutes of services + 15 minutes FREE monitoring)


Annual commitment required.


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